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Chris is a true entrepreneur at heart. Having lived all around the country and now settled in Austin, Texas, she has slowly been building her career and her business(es) with the goal of retiring at 40! She has been teaching small business owners marketing, branding, and business techniques to help them get organized and get their businesses off the ground.

In 2011, she created Shock Media (which no longer exists) which was an internship incubator, connecting local businesses in Lansing, Michigan with interns in the design industry. Since then, because of her travels, her interaction with people, places, and ‘boots on the ground’ type experiences, she is able to help new entrepreneurs start a business, organize and expand their current business, and find their true passion in business!

Her mantra is ‘finding your target market’ which she stands by as the ‘most important thing’ for any business. Her second is ‘who are you helping’ which; once you figure out your target market, it’s discovering who your business is helping and then crafting a marketing strategy around who you are helping and HOW you are helping them!

Because of her experiences and expertise, she often speaks and gives motivational workshops on these subjects around how to utilize social media for your marketing, and coaches and trains small business entrepreneurs on their marketing, technical website knowledge like SEO and SEM, branding and design, as well as ethical techniques for all of the above!

Now, her goal is to bring all her knowledge together into books that can help spread how ‘easy’ and how hard good marketing is.

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I’m here to motivate, inspire, and spark a new excitement for what you are doing and where you’d like to take your business. If you don’t like me, the way I talk, or the way I approach these tasks…you won’t get anything out of it.



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Starting and running a business take a lot of work! There are a lot of nay-sayers out there: family might tell you that you should keep steady at the rat race because it’s secure income. Friends tell you that your ideas don’t sound viable. Maybe your spouse is frustrated that you have taken so much time to start and have your business and it isn’t producing results.

You are not alone. I felt that way once. I felt like everything I was doing was lacking value. I felt like no one was giving me any useful input. I felt like no one would help me make successful decisions because they just weren’t interested. And then I got extremely frustrated…which is probably how you feel right now.

So what’s the secret to getting more customers? There’s a lot more that goes into your business than just a website, a few emails, and a great looking logo.

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