Should You Redesign your website?

Now that you’ve had a chance to identify your target market, it’s time to think about how to reach them: and the first line of defense is your website.

Your brand is communicating at all times: whether you’re serious or joking, your website is the most immediate representation (outside of yourself in person) of your brand. Things like language, tone of voice, and attitude are conveyed through your copy, layout, images, and more.

What are you saying? What are you TRYING to say?

Many people think that a website is a ‘once and done’. This is the further thing from the truth. In fact, your website should change and update to reflect trends, market conditions, and to showcase your expertise.

What does your website currently say?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization…

It’s not a mystery. Think about it like this: SEO is the art of using the internet to get people to find your business.

How does that happen?

Forget algorithms and registering your website link for hundreds of free sites. The way to the top of the search is through good content. And what is considered content? Websites, copy on the website, email marketing, e-newsletters, social media, video, and any combination of these things (if not all of them).

If I’m searching the internet for a ‘haircut’, there is a distinct difference between me searching ‘haircut’ versus ‘Austin Beauty Salon’. What if I was looking for more than just a haircut? What if I were looking for haircolor? Will I search for ‘austin haircolor salon’ or would I search for ‘Austin Balayage’? Keywording is just the tip of the iceberg…

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All things lead back to your website.

Specifically, social media isn’t SEO. It’s the fact that social media generates activity related to your website. If we simplify SEO into ‘trying to be number one on Google’, then the game is to become more popular: and Google is the judge. A post on social media doesn’t create SEO, and a video itself isn’t SEO, it’s the fact that  the video and the post on social media create ‘activity’ related to your website. Google acknowledges that your website is ‘trendy and popular’ and therefore increases your ranking on the web.

So do I need to redesign anything?

Yes and no. But let’s consider an ugly website or a pretty website: Google likes pretty websites better than ugly websites. Users visit pretty websites more often than ugly websites. What does a user or Google consider pretty? Not that fact that it’s pink or black or grey…’pretty’ is defined by the ability to load fast, is mobile, and contains diverse and updated information. Users prefer a site that contains information but lots of images to help give examples of that information. Users like a combination of ‘copy’ and video so they can choose to ‘listen’ to a clip for a broad overview, or ‘click for more info’ if they need details. If your site already has this, perhaps you just need to keep adjusting copy and adding to content, or perhaps you need to incorporate more diversity like a blog or more social media. If your website doesn’t have any of this…then yes, a redesign will most likely help.

Don’t be an island.

SEO is a combination of multiple platforms working together to make you the ‘authority’ in your area.

If you were to break down all the components that you specifically need to do to create ‘better’ SEO for your business, could you do it an hour a day? For example, if you were a restaurant or food truck who wanted to generate better SEO and search results you should probably focus on a great website that has an interactive map to where they can find you. You may want to put a menu online and maybe even add online ordering! You might want to think about several short, quick videos that you can show off your ‘kitchen skills’ or perhaps show people enjoying your food on location. Photos are a must, and then utilizing those photos on Instagram and Facebook would be high priority.

If you were to split up the tasks into Facebook on Tuesday and Thusday, Instagram on Wednesday and Friday, and on Mondays reviewing your website, could all your SEO be summed up into an hour a day?

This isn’t the ‘be all, end all’ path for great SEO, but you have to walk before you run, and if you can implement many of these basic SEO ‘best practices’ then your business is definitely on a great path.

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