Well, to tell you the truth; it does. But not in the way you think.

Let’s be honest, distinguishing the difference between experts and wannabes is getting tougher and tougher. And the fact that half of all articles written by paid interns who research the hell out of your topic and then write it about it makes us all a little more nervous about Googling some strange topic about commercial real estate or what’s poisonous to your dog and wondering if the answers we’re seeking are the honest opinion of an expert, or just some recent graduate trying hard to earn a few good bucks.

So, why do we blog? We does it matter? Why does it not matter?

Blogging isn’t around to authorize you as an expert.
Blogging (the original social media FYI) is to create content. 

You see, SEO (and if you don’t know what that is, read some of my other posts about what the hell SEO is) thrives on content. It flourishes on keyworded content. That means if you’re a cooking website, you can’t just stuff your homepage full of terms like bake, cook, pots, pans, etc. Google is a little smarter than that: in fact, like an angry English teacher, it’s going to give you a big fat, D- on your effort. Well: lack of effort.

What search engines LIKE to see is your website create natural content that makes your website easy to catalog. The easier you are to catalog, the more it likes you. And the more times you get cataloged, the more popular you become and the more YOUR site comes up in search engine ‘searches’.

So, why doesn’t it matter? Because you don’t have to be an expert. And that disappoints a lot of us who type ‘best BBQ restaurant in Austin‘ and get a restaurant that knows who to hire to write their blogs. (foodies need not apply, excellent English majors, please take a seat). And that makes us all a little sad, because it may not be the best BBQ in Austin.

But why should we care as businesses? Because as business owners and managers, we care about profit, and profit comes from sales, and sales come from leads, and leads come from our website, SEO, and digital marketing efforts.

Oh, and a side effect if you ARE the expert, is it WILL help you distinguish yourself as one. (bonus)

Should you hire someone to do it?

If it takes you 3-4 hours to research and write a good blog article, you should consider hiring someone. What takes you 3-4 hours takes a decent blogger 1, and what could you be spending your 3-4 hours doing? Selling? Dedicating time to a client? What does it COST you to blog? Is it better to pay someone forty bucks to write a blog or to cost your business and your clients 3-4 hours of your time? What is worth more?