Stop telling people to go to your website.

I have a serious problem with people who tell me to go to their website.

I just got off an email where the person said, “I encourage you to go to the website to learn more.”

Now I feel dumb. I won’t ever call them back because I already went to the website…and I still didn’t understand and have questions. I went to your website FIRST and that’s why I emailed you. And I guess I’m a dummy.

And then I vowed to myself to never tell anyone that again.


Because at that moment, during a conversation or email, your customer is already engaged with you and your brand and asking more questions. If they’ve reached out, it’s your chance to fully walk through the conversation and help them…not to assume they haven’t gone to the website to let your online presence do all the talking to them. In fact, that’s pushing people in the WRONG direction.

We use social media and websites to encourage people to email and call. If you’re doing the opposite: people have called and emailed and you’re sending them in the opposite direction…you’re doing it wrong.

There are times when you have to send people back: perhaps you are a subscription service, but the best service I’ve seen is where they walk WITH you through subscribing online, or they ask for permission, “Can I sign you up while we are talking on the phone?”

Perhaps it was a moment for me where my stress levels are through the roof and I’m feeling pretty impatient, but then I have to remember, how many clients and customers are the same as me, short and stressed and tense and calling or emailing because they want quick and easy info. They’ve surfed the web and didn’t find the answer and now they are reaching out…what a golden moment!

A comment like “I encourage you to visit the website,” is a conversation killer.

If they answer yes, and the answer was there in an obvious place you’re just pointing out how stupid they are. If it isn’t on the website and you referred them back, then your site didn’t do its job and you are reminding the customer that you don’t have time for them. Which one do you prefer the customer choose? Door A? or Door B? Isn’t that our goal as a business…to be snide and make our customers feel bad about themselves?

Have you been to the website is just a poor question. “I encourage you to visit the website” is just as bad.

Let’s assume all our customers have been there. Let’s face it, they’ve reached out and emailed or called us. Why would you leave a potential sale hanging?