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“How to win an offer on a home” Q+A
A free ‘sweet treat social’ for new home buyers (or seasoned home buyers!) in Austin that are looking to buy a home in the next 6 months.

Things to take note of:

You have to have an ‘event’ to invite people to! This does a few things: it’ll get your name out there as someone who is official and has the authority to throw/have an event, and it also is giving away something free and easy. It also is your chance to talk about your expertise in a knowledge area.

YOU can buy a house in the Austin area with ZERO to LITTLE down! (YES, and it is really quite simple).

Zero to Little Down Payment in Austin
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Things to take note of:

This is a really great leader into a blog post! If you are generating content for your business via blog or otherwise, this is a great ‘ad’ to post. Avoid posting this as a general post: facebook doesn’t like it when you ‘advertise’ via a ‘like and comment’ boosted post and will actually hurt your post. This is more of an ad or leader in

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Things to take note of:

Trying to get email leads for your business? Giveaways are a good way to do it!

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Things to take note of:

This is an ad. It really doesn’t work as a post unless you plan on boosting heavily – at least $75 for a week on this one post.