Career Crisis

Career Crisis In the middle of your business and feeling a little lost? Maybe you are in the middle of your career and you've

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Brand Strategy

What's Your Story? What is branding? What is the difference between unintentional and intentional branding? Why do I need a story? (emotional, expertise, trust)

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Content is King

Social Media Marketing Why social media marketing is important (SEO building + Brand Building = Business) & Why content that engages your target market

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Who are You Helping?

What problem do you solve? Overwhelmingly, the BIGGEST problem that clients have? They just plain and simple need more business. They need more leads. They need MORE

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Figuring Out Facebook

Figuring Out Facebook Overview of Facebook Basics Learn how to build your brand Learn best practices for optimizing your business, brand, and profile Learn

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4. Branding + Content Marketing

What are your goals and desires? What are your personal goals? Business goals? Goals as a spouse or friend or entrepreneur? We all have goals but it's

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