Project Description

Let’s Work Together


Need just a few sessions to perhaps get the creativity flowing or spur the thought process? Maybe you want to get a few girlfriends together and ‘learn’ something new and split the cost? One session runs $300 and lasts 2-3 hours, covering 1 topic.

  • Sample topics include:
  • What is the vision, mission, purpose and successful business look like?
  • What is the ideal client and what is the amount of energy and resources needed to find that customer?
  • What is the plan and priorities of the business?
  • What you want out of your life and business

  • Defining success in life and business

  • Branding + Content Marketing + Social Media

  • Discover what branding is and how to apply it to your business and lifestyle

  • Create supplementary materials that match your new brand

  • Are Facebook and YouTube boosting something you should do?

  • YouTube, Being the Expert, and Testimonials

  • What is your target market? Who are you meant to serve? How should you be serving them?

  • Do the research on who your market is, what they want, what they will pay for, and how much they will pay

  • Begin networking and connect with your ‘competition’ and potential clients

  • Develop your sales funnel

  • Improve your credibility online and increase trust with your customers and clients

  • Begin design or re-designing for the website you want

  • Develop your website strategy: things like language, tone of voice, copy, images, and layouts

  • Learn what SEO is and how to implement it using content marketing strategy

  • What are my clients and potential customer’s objections

  • What are basic sales techniques

  • The nitty gritty legal and financial stuff

Schedule Something

Send me a message…Okay, keep the critique nice. I welcome suggestions, but man, readers are tough! I have a job, I have a business…and I write! I WISH I could dedicate 100% of my time to writing, but unfortunately, my bills are a little more than my skills…so please be kind. I’m taking requests! Are you interested in having me give a workshop or seminar? Let me know!