Courses, Workshops, & Coaching

These workshops include a packed presentation about how to GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND BRAND. During these workshops, you’ll have the chance to ‘work side-by-side’ and ask questions about social media, content marketing, leads, and how your business SHOULD be utilizing its online presence!

I walk businesses through what they need to do to make sure their brand is hitting the right people, in the right place, at the right time, so they can move forward with marketing efforts, and why if they don’t have a brand in place, marketing budgets are wasted.

What I Do

I personally work with you to develop social media, a sales funnel, techniques for marketing and branding, website assistance, strategy, + more! These are live sessions and 1-on-1s or personalized group sessions.

I do not find the leads for you.
I do not get you to first place on the web.
I do not provide the 'answers' on how to be #1 because this depends on your effort, trial and error, and diligence.

Your Ideal Client

Content marketing only works when you have an understanding of your target client — how they think, what they want, how they can be reached and how they choose to spend their money. Once you know this you can set up multiple ways to reach them with RELEVANT content.

Brand Strategy

Perception is everything. Is your business being perceived the way you want it to be? Branding is very complex and is a combination of your visual image, your storytelling skills, your quality and quantity of content, and your pricing.

Content is King

How does content integrate into the overall marketing strategy? HOW does the content translate into results?

How does it drive sales? How does it create demand? How does it create leads?

Content marketing is a combination of audience development, incorporating UI/UX, understanding and utilizing SEO, focusing on the product and content process and creating an excellent customer journey. This is where the creative affects the business.

Want access to all the courses and updates?

Interested in all the courses but want to learn at your own pace? Drop by the membership site Keep It Inspired, where courses and workshops are published into content modules and you can access them on a monthly subscription!