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Working Your Way Backward

Working Your Way Backward How many times do you depressingly sit down and think "this is the most frustrating

What the Heck is User Experience?

What the Heck is User Experience? Most employers and business owners plus managers at corporate companies know the term user experience or at least have seen or heard the acronyms UI/UX. But after research, some speculation, and a little experience, most don't know what it truly means to apply

Working Your Way Backward

Working Your Way Backward How many times do you depressingly sit down and think "this is the most frustrating point I've ever been in my life?" It happens to us quite often. Not only does it happen to employees...but it also happens to entrepreneurs and businesses. We often get

Keep It Simple Series

Keep It Simple Sweetie: Because a great business starts with you and your home! The biggest complaint I hear is ‘it’s overwhelming’ or ‘I have kids and you don’t’ or ‘I just don’t want to start’, because it all seems to cause anxiety.

Career Crisis

Career Crisis In the middle of your business and feeling a little lost? Maybe you are in the middle of your career and you've been thinking about switching over and starting a business? It is extremely common to feel this way. Inquire for more Info

Brand Strategy

What's Your Story? What is branding? What is the difference between unintentional and intentional branding? Why do I need a story? (emotional, expertise, trust) Build your brand and discover what your business is truly about. Learn why a brand is NOT just a logo, it is

Content is King

Social Media Marketing Why social media marketing is important (SEO building + Brand Building = Business) & Why content that engages your target market leads to more business! Learn about: Blogging, LinkedIn Facebook (intro overview only) Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest YouTube, Email Marketing Inquire for more Info

Sample Facebook Posts…

Confused about what a good Facebook post looks like? Check out these sample posts that were created for a #austin realtor....need help with YOUR Facebook ads? Email for some FREE help! Here are SIX ways to have a winning offer on a

Who are You Helping?

What problem do you solve? Overwhelmingly, the BIGGEST problem that clients have? They just plain and simple need more business. They need more leads. They need MORE clients. Your goal is to have a business. Does it matter if you are selling dirt to a farmer? Does it matter

Be Effective With Your Time

Learn to let things go By learning to tie up your loose ends and let things go, you free yourself up for business and self-preservation. If you are tired, stressed, and always in a hurry, you leave yourself no time to rest and think of new creative and productive

Let’s Talk About Money!

Money comes from 2 things: you can make it or you can save it. For example: if your goal is to make $5000 per month AFTER expenses, and your incoming is $10,000 but your outgoing is $7,000 your leftover is $3,000. You can: 1. Find more money and keep your


Results are encouraging Participating with other succcessful women help YOU become successful. The term is to ‘fake it until you make it’ and then truth is, you aren’t faking your business. You are training yourself on how to be a successful woman. Faking being successful doesn’t mean you go

Strong women produce RESULTS

As a woman, you need to be bold. It isn’t that stronger women get it done, it’s more like strong and bold women are not afraid to look ‘bad’. They take risks, they have courage when they feel they might make a mistake, and they aren’t afraid to ask

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