Strong Women Produce RESULTS

As a woman you need to be bold.

It isn’t that stronger women get it done, it’s more like strong and bold women are not afraid to look ‘bad’. They take risks, they have courage when they feel they might make a mistake, and they aren’t afraid to ask questions. They aren’t afraid to point out when they are ‘due’ something that they didn’t receive and they get to the point and ask others how they reached success.

As children, we are told to never ask others about their money. Yet in experience, those who are making money and confident have NO problem sharing how they got there! They don’t need to express their bank account number, but they aren’t ashamed or scared of telling folks the exact steps they used to become successful.

Does that mean we should copy those women? Maybe and maybe not. As an entrepreneur I have have copied and won some and lost some, but in the end, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t been ‘bold’ and courageous.

If we are bold, if we take chances within reason and aren’t afraid of ‘looking stupid’ we will be pleasantly surprised by how much we accomplish!

In short when I have behaved with the idea ‘I have nothing to lose’ and really believe it…this is where I have been the last woman standing.

Don’t be afraid to give it away.

Give and you shall receive…and it’s true! If you aren’t afraid to show others what you’ve accomplished and what you are working on you’ll start to receive more back in return! By helping others you not only uncover your own weakness and shortcomings (which help you in your own business in the long run), but you’ll also be lifting other women up who hopefully, in the long run, will help YOU in return! It’s a beautiful process.