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Your Content Isn't For You

Content Isn't There for You

Your Content Isn't There For You

It's There for the Search Engines

Have you ever tried to create content online and wondered if it was being noticed? You know, was your content being read by humans and search engines alike? The truth is, there are two distinct forms of content – SEO content writing and regular content writing. On the surface, they may appear to be similar but upon close inspection, there’s a marked difference between them both. To truly understand what sets them apart, we must first look at each type and how they can best support the success of your online campaign. Whether it’s SEO content created to leverage search engine algorithms or regular content crafted for human readers, it pays to understand the intricacies between these two forms of content so that you can craft engaging stories that captivate your audience.

Skip the fluff and hone in on targeted content: that's the advice Google has been giving us for a long time. Focusing on capturing users' search intentions and developing a clear website architecture will not only make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand your page, but it will help optimize your SEO performance.

The temptation to pad pieces with needless words might seem like an easy way to sound like an expert and link back to your other ideas, but it’s worth noting that forcing irrelevant topics into your article can have devastating results. Not only do you risk diluting your topic targeting, you become liable to keyword cannibalization—when two similar pages are both vying for rankings on the same query, thus causing confusion and preventing either page from ranking properly.

The key is to keep the content precise, relevant and concise. This is how you tell Google that your page is about “cats” and not “pets” or “animals.” Crafting intentional, powerful content is essential if you want to achieve successful SEO performance.